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If you are involved in a tenant/landlord dispute, we can help. Our experienced litigation team will work with you to establish a conclusion that’s fair for everyone. If an agreement can’t be reached peacefully, we can represent you in court.
We’ll explain the facts in simple terms and support you through the duration of your case. You’ll be confident that your case was handled correctly, and that the result was the best we could have achieved.
Representing you in all housing issues
We represent both landlords and tenants and work without bias. Together we can resolve your disputes over damages or responsibilities. Alternatively, we can help landlords reclaim overdue rent, or protect tenants’ rights where they are being infringed.
Claiming compensation? If we think you’ve got a case, we may offer you a no win no fee arrangement. We’re the ones making the gamble; even if the case loses, you’ll be no worse off.
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