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resolving disputes smoothly and swiftly
Locked in conflict with an individual or company, and no one wants to budge? We can help resolve disagreements and compensation claims by bringing legal expertise and a fresh perspective. If peaceful resolution fails, we can support your case in court as well.
We’ve got your back and will explain everything in simple terms so you won’t get left in the dark. We’ll advise you if we think a proposed deal is fair or not, so you can make informed choices.
Litigation services
We engage in Property, Civil, Probate and Business disputes representing individuals and companies with equal attention. We provide expert advice on the forfeiture and renewal of leases, breaches of contract, estate disputes, insurance claims and professional negligence.
If we think you’ve got good reason to claim compensation, we may offer you a no win no fee arrangement. We’re the ones making the gamble; even if the case fails, you’ll be no worse off.
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“Friendly and professional – they get things done”
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